The Archery Tournament – Or Was It?

Those of you that have read an Arsenal history book will, more than likely, have noticed that the club organising an archery tournament in 1903 to raise funds. Arsenal handbooks throughout the 1970s included this statement within the club’s chronology:

Archery 1

Now, Edwardian England may seem a long time ago, but the medieval art of archery was very much in the decline, if not virtually non-existent at this time. On top of this, £1,200 was more than one fifth of Woolwich Arsenal’s turnover at the time. To put this into perspective, it is similar to a tournament bringing in £40 million today.

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For today’s game the manager and whole team must call upon the fighting spirit of Arsenal’s most pugnacious boss in its history. He stood up to the Manchester police as his team won away in 1906 to reach the Gunners first ever FA Cup semi-final.

Today Arsenal need the Phil Kelso spirit.

As you know we have been reproducing our programme work on the blog this season, well here is a match report in a slightly different format to those of this season, written for last season’s quarter-final programme against Everton. A prescient match up of the first FA cup tie between the two most successful teams in the competition’s history!


Manchester United v Arsenal – FA Cup quarter-final 10 March 1906

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Last year, Northbank1969 wrote about his and his mates’ journey to see Arsenal play Middlesbrough in the FA Cup in 1977. I believed that one of his party was my brother who I knew had gone to the game. It turned out it wasn’t. Another group of North London lads organised their own trip up north to watch the game. Here is their story as told by Mick Kelly.

The Arsenal pre season team photo

The Arsenal pre-season team photo

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For this classic match we go back 30 years to a season that saw Arsenal play some scintillating football early doors but lost their way in November. Once again, we have the whole programme for you to read. This has been reproduced with the kind permission of Leicester City FC. There’s also a quiz question at the end of the article to test your knowledge.

Matchday programme Click to read the whole programme

Matchday programme
Click to read the whole programme

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